Miss C Mahoney

As Head of Pastoral, I have several responsibilities including:

• Working with all Year Leaders to make sure students fully embrace school life and enjoy their time at Bishop Young Academy
• Ensuring our students feel happy, safe, and supported when they are in school
• Supporting students to overcome barriers so they are able to reach their full potential, and have high aspirations for their futures.
• Working with students and their families/carers to ensure they are attending everyday

I am the member of staff that students and Year Leaders will come to for support and guidance, to ensure each and every student is flourishing within school, and will work with them to answer any questions or enquires parents/carers may have regarding their child in school.

A little about me; my favourite hobby is playing and watching football. I love sport and being part of a team, I think being part of a team is important and allows people from all walks of life to work together. I have worked at Bishop Young for 6 years now and have enjoyed every moment."

Miss C Mahoney
Pastoral Team Leader