All students in Year 7 to 11 are required to wear the approved school uniform. We expect high standards of work and behaviour from our students, and believe that these are helped by high standards of dress and appearance. All items of school uniform are worn conventionally and we expect all Parents/Carers to support our simple and practical requirements.

Our uniform is as follows:

  • Black blazer with Academy crest
  • Plain white school style shirt / blouse with top button fastened and of sufficient length to be tucked into trousers or skirt
  • Academy tie to be worn clipped at neck
  • Plain black trousers (boys/girls) or black knee length skirt (girls)
  • Plain grey or black socks or plain black tights
  • Plain black shoes

Optional - black pullover with Academy crest to be worn under the blazer

Please note the following: Nail polish or acrylic nails are not allowed.

PE Kit

Indoor Kit: (Boys & Girls)

  • Navy Polo Shirt (with logo)
  • Navy Shorts
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms
  • White Socks

Outdoor Kit: (Boys)

  • Navy Rugby shirt
  • Navy Shorts
  • Navy Gootball/hockey socks
  • Football Boots
  • Shin Pads

Outdoor Kit: (Girls)

  • Navy Polo Shirt (with logo)
  • Navy Shorts
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Navy football/hockey socks

Optional Items: (Boys)

  • Navy Sweatshirt
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms

Optional Items: (Girls)

  • Navy Sweatshirt
  • Football boots
  • Shin Pads (although advisable)

Please note the following:

  • Blazers are to be worn throughout the school day unless permission from a member of staff has been given to remove them.
  • Jeans, cords, tracksuit and other high fashion style trousers including combat trousers, leggings, hipsters and ski pants are not permitted.
  • The only items of Jewellery/adornments a student may wear are a wrist watch and a simple cross and chain.  Earrings may not be worn or covered. Other piercings and adornments are not permitted.
  • Students in years 10 and 11 may wear discrete make-up.
  • Extremes of hairstyle including patterns, designs and lines cut into hair are not permitted.
  • Hair colour should be natural. Bold colours such as blue / purple / green / red are not allowed.
  • Hijabs should be black, navy or dark grey.
  • Belts, if worn, must be plain black.
  • Fashion badges not to be worn in school
  • Shoes should not be trainer style and/or have flashes, logos, patterned or with coloured soles.
  • Bags – students can use any suitable bag which is large enough to hold school equipment and folders.

Outdoor clothing

Students should wear plain, practical coats which offer them good protection in bad weather.
The term 'coat' does not refer to sweatshirts, cardigans or hooded tops.
Outdoor coats must not be worn in class
The wearing of any item of denim clothing is not acceptable hats, caps or hoods must not be worn on the academy site The Principal reserves the right to send home any students who he considers to be inappropriately dressed, whether in terms of the stated academy guidelines, or of safety, decency or practicality.