Supporting Students with attendance below 96%

At Bishop Young, all students are allocated an Attendance Tier. This is reviewed in 8-10 week cycles.

Tier 1

100% - 96%

Reward & Celebration

Tier 2

93% - 95%

Form Tutor Monitoring & Support

Tier 3

Below 93%

Year Manager Support

Tier 4

Below 90%

Achievement Direcor or Attendance Team Support

Tier 5

Below 90% and continued decline

Senior Leader Monitoring

Tier 6

Below 90% and continued decline

Legal Intervention

Local Authority Intervention

Students in Tier 2-6 are offered a huge range of support in order to improve their attendance. If you would like more information about the support available to your child, please contact either the Attendance Team or your child’s Year Manager.