Rewarding & Celebrating Attendance

Bishop Young is proud to be an inclusive school which celebrates the success of all students. All students with attendance above the school target of 96% receive regular and meaningful rewards. These include:

  • Praise and celebration within form time each week with positive points being given to students with 100% attendance, 96%+ or those who have improved since the previous week. In fact, there are 390 positive points available each year purely based on punctuality and attendance.
  • Each week, the form with the highest % attendance from the week is invited to the Principal’s Brunch.
  • Each week, students with particularly strong attendance will be praised in Celebration Matters, our weekly rewards newsletter that goes out to all staff and students.
  • Each half term an Attendance Rewards assembly specifically praises students based on their attendance.

The 100% Attendance Club

Beginning in March 2020, Bishop Young will be celebrating the students with a faultless attendance record by establishing the 100% Attendance Club. This prestigious club is for those who maintain 100% attendance throughout the academic year. Those students will be given a host of rewards and experiences in recognition of the perseverance and resilience it takes to maintain 100% attendance to school.

Students within the 100% Club will be issued with a lapel badge to wear with pride and show their club membership. Students will be able to use this badge to access the rewards and experiences put on for club members.

The 100% Club will all have the opportunity to win the following prizes and experiences:

  • Helicopter Rides
  • Fully funded family holidays to local seaside resorts
  • Fully funded places on the BYA Ski Trip and BYA Barcelona Trips
  • Fully funded places on the Rewards Trips
  • £100 Amazon, Tesco and Trinity Vouchers
  • Fully funded “Treat Trips” to Starbucks, Nandos, city centre restaurants, Jump Arena and Leeds Climbing wall
  • “Pop Up” treats in school such as pizza parties, ice creams, access to the Xbox club in the academy
  • Training sessions with local sporting celebrities

Exceptional Circumstances

We do recognise that there are sometimes entirely unavoidable reasons for your child to miss school. Students who have found themselves in these circumstances may have had:

  • Time off to grieve for, and attend the funeral of, a family member
  • Time off for religious observances
  • Time off to attend treatment for a lifelong medical condition
  • Time off to receive treatment for, and recuperate from, serious injuries or medical emergencies

If you have advanced warning of these circumstances, please be in touch with the academy so we can make arrangements to authorise your child’s absence. You will be asked to complete the Exceptional Circumstances Absence Form  and return it to school.

If you believe your child’s previous absences meet these criteria, please complete the Exceptional Circumstances Absence Form and return it to your child’s Cathedral Leader. As an academy we will then review each case individually and, where appropriate, allow your child to remain as part of the 100% Attendance Club.