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We have just appointed a new Subject Leader for RS who is reviewing the RS curriculum, ready for an exciting relaunch in Summer 2018. More information to follow.

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Course Name: Religious Studies GCSE

What will I learn?

Religious Studies is an ever-popular and relevant GCSE course, which covers a range of contemporary moral issues as well as addressing the fundamental questions of life. It is a subject that enables you to think for yourself about religious and moral issues in a critical and enquiring way. Students will be challenged with questions about belief, values, meaning, purpose and truth; enabling them to develop their own attitudes towards religious issues, reflect on their own faith and support the Christian ethos of the academy. Students will also gain an appreciation of how religion, philosophy and ethics form the basis of our culture. They will develop analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to work with abstract ideas, leadership and research skills. All these skills will help prepare them for further study. All students follow a compulsory GCSE course in Religious Studies, elements of which start in Year 9. The course is taught in 4 lessons per fortnight and involves the study of 2 units:

Paper 1: The study of religions: beliefs, teachings and practices

In Year 9, students will explore the beliefs, teachings and practices from a Christian and an Islamic perspective. Students will learn about the nature of God, the problem of evil and suffering, beliefs about the afterlife and their importance to religious believers today, as well as exploring different forms of worship, religious festivals and the role of the Church/Mosque in the local and worldwide community.

Paper 2: Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Issues

In Years 10 and 11, Students will study Christian and Muslim religious teachings to matters such as the nature and purpose of marriage, the origins of the universe, animal experimentation, medical issues (abortion and euthanasia), and war and violence in the contemporary world.

How will I be assessed?

There is no coursework in GCSE Religious Studies.

You will sit two exams at the end of Year 11. Each exam will last for 1 hour 45 minutes.

What could I move onto?

Religious Studies is an acceptable academic subject at all the major universities. At A Level Religious Studies is of interest to both Arts and Science students. It compliments other humanities subjects whilst providing a useful contrast to others, by introducing the ethical and philosophical issues and helping develop an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the student’s studies. Students find the skills and knowledge gained in Religious Studies useful in careers such as law, journalism, social care, the army, child care, the police, probation work, counselling, teaching, nursing and leisure and tourism.

Examination Board: AQA

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